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It has been twelve years since the Maud Village Trust was formed. In that time we have seen it grow to a well established organisation, with our Centres being in continual use throughout the year providing services to the community.

The Community Resource Centre continues to provide a growing number of services and support to our local communities. Mintlaw practice is one of the services that has increased and been further developed with the introduction of a nurses clinic on a Wednesday. Another great new service provision from the centre is the introduction of a Conversation Cafe on the first Thursday of every month. The cafe is open to everyone and all are welcome to come along for a free cuppa and a fancy piece! It was started in partnership with the Trust, NHS Grampian and Aberdeenshire council with its primary aim being to encourage social integration for those in our communities who may be more vulnerable or suffering social exclusion. We have suffered one change in service provision which has been disappointing, the physiotherapists will no longer hold clinics at the centre instead patients from the local area will need to attend clinics in either Fraserburgh or Peterhead . This decision was made due to a considerable drop in physiotherapy referrals from our area; they will however still use the centre should any community based clients be unable to attend clinics in Fraserburgh or Peterhead. They will also continue to store physio aids at the centre for use by the community physios. The centre has also been linking up with Maud school to highlight service provision and to support our local school in whatever way we can, they have been very actively involved in our Conversation cafes and we are selling children’s books from the centre to help raise funds for them.

Gym – We were successful in applying for a grant from the Lottery Awards for all to completely refurbish the gym, this included knocking down walls to open it out gaining better access for all and the purchasing of some new equipment to assist in our exercise referral programme and for classes. We now run a very full programme of classes which includes spin, circuits, metafit, teen’s classes and body pump which are all well attended. In addition we were also successful in getting funding at the beginning of the year from the NHS Grampian Health Improvement Fund to purchase junior gym equipment for the 3-8 age group and we now run Gym Kids classes on Wednesdays and Fridays. One of our fitness instructors is also linking up with local schools to do some adhoc gym sessions with the children.

Our exercise referral programme continues to be well subscribed too, we are continually driving this service with GP’s to help get those with underlying health conditions or physically inactive adults to get access to exercise where they feel it will be of great benefit.

Crèche continues on Tuesday to offer Mothers some time to themselves for an hour or two.

The Community Service Centre – All units are once again are fully occupied, Unit 5 being leased earlier in the year to Heather’s Crafts and Collectibles which offers a varied assortment of gifts and collectibles for sale. The other tenants remain in place.

The café continues to go from strength to strength they now offer a wider choice of menu, which includes more hot meals and this, has proved to be very popular. We must give credit here to the superb Cooks we now employ with such a skill base we couldn’t fail to succeed!

The small area adjacent to the Service Centre is now being tidied up. A fence has been erected and shortly the ground will be turned over and covered with hard core and chuckies.

The Brighter Village Scheme –We once again were awarded 2nd prize in the Village In Bloom competition. The gardens and planters certainly brighten up the village for the community and visitor alike. Our thanks go to all those who have helped to maintain gardens, planters and grass areas to ensure a pleasant appearance of our village

The Trust Directors and Management Committee would like again to thank those who have helped and supported the Trust throughout the years and hope that the community will continue to use and enjoy the amenities that are provided. You can visit our web site and view the progress of the Trust and the services that are provided at

Thank you.

Report prepared by P. Buckman – Director/Company Secretary. 01/10/14

Maud Village Trust SC 237885 is a registered charity.