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The Maud Village Trust has been operating now for ten years, in which time the original Mart site has changed completely, bearing no resemblance to the cattle market days. The area is now a filled with building providing many amenities and thriving businesses.

The Community Resource Centre continues to provide the care and support for the local and district community and at the same time offering accommodation for meetings and leisure activities. The gym has continued to do well with Spin, aerobics, circuit and step classes all being well attended. The gym has had a small expansion to provide a weighs room. This addition has proved popular with gym member who can now use this new equipment to build on their exercises.

The Community Service Centre has had some changes over the last year. It was with regret to see our first tenant Buchan IT and E-Learning Services (Bites) close down due to a lack of funding in May of this year. We were very fortunate to be able to re-lease the unit almost immediately by Buchan Agricultural Consultants Ltd who took up residence on the 1st June. Also on 1st June we were able to lease Units 3 to Jules Photography and Unit 5 to First Subsea Ltd. Our other tenants Buchan Dial-a-Community Bus (BDACB) and Venture Care and Support Group still occupy their units.

The NEOS art exhibition was again held in the café and with kind permission from BDACB and First Subsea in Units 6 and 5 respectively. Once again local people’s art was exhibited and proved to be as successful as last year, generating additional sales for our café.

The café has had a very good year and after the success of Saturday openings during the summer months, it was decided to open every Saturday from 10am to 3pm until further notice.

The new garden/play area between Market Street and Deer Road has been quite popular with children, teenagers and adults using the equipment. The plants and shrubs are now in place, along with litter and dog waste bins and the area is regularly maintained.

The small area adjacent to the Service Centre has not been developed as anticipated, however there have been suggestions to perhaps change original plans to use the area more effectively.

The Brighter Village Scheme supported by Aberdeenshire Council, has continued to maintain the general appearance of the Village and though we did not come first in Village in Bloom completion we were happy to receive a third prize. Our thanks go to all those who have worked throughout the summer months to make sure that the planters, flower beds and grass areas were well maintained to give residence and visitors of Maud a good impression of our village.

The Trust Directors and Management Committee would like again to thank those who have helped and supported the Trust throughout the ten years and hope that the community will continue to use and enjoy the amenities that are provided.

Thank you.

Report prepared by P. Buckman – Director/Company Secretary. 01/10/12

Maud Village Trust SC 237885 is a registered charity.